Dance Classes-a heads up with lots of info :)

What dancers need to know – for the next couple of weeks and the costume accessories for the dance recital are all listed below.

Dance classes continue through – May 22nd.

Dance picture day – Monday, May 15th. If your child is going to be absent on the 15th then her photographs will be taken on the 22nd.

Please have your child wear dance attire and hair off the face for picture day.

Final dress rehearsal – Wednesday, May 24th from 5:15-6:30.

Dance recital – Friday, May 26th at 6pm in the Middleburgh High School Auditorium. All are welcome free of charge.

Arrival times – Level 2 & 3 dancers should arrive at 5:30. Level 1 dancers should arrive at 5:45.

Seating – Level 2 & 3 dancers will sit in the front of the auditorium. Level 1 dancers will sit with their parents.

Hair should be worn away from the face.

Level 1:
Ballet-black leotard, dance skirt, pink tights

Jazz-black leotard, black dance pants, martial arts headband (or something that looks like it)

Tap-black leotard, pink tights

Level 2:

Jazz- black leotard, black dance pants, Hawaiian lei

Tap-black leotard, black dance pants, white gloves

Level 3:
Ballet: Sundress under leotard

Jazz: solid color t-shirt, black leggings, colored scarf for hair (1950s), colored scarf to tie around neck (1950s)

Tap: Jeans and a flannel shirt

Any additional information please contact the instructor Sarah.

Spring Dance Class is Starting – March 20th, 2017

Move over snow, spring is coming and so is our dance classes for ballet, tap, and jazz (offered all in one class), they will begin Monday evenings, March 20, 2017. It will run for about three months, more details will be announced. All classes meet at the MRC Arts Studio. Contact dance teacher Sarah below with any questions regarding class level information.The spring classes basically run for three months and end for the year, new classes usually begin the following September, details on that will also be announced in the near future. Any recital details will usually be announced later in the spring session. Please watch for details and until then happy dancing!

We welcome all those students returning and look forward to meeting all the wonderful new students as well.

For more information please contact Sarah Clermont at her gmail account just type in ksarahsarah at gmail dot com.